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Fantasy Land of Lights

Christmas lights at Fantasy Land of Lights in BartlesvilleFantasy Land of Lights is an annual, drive-through Christmas light display at Johnstone Park that has become a holiday tradition in Bartlesville. With the help of generous donations from the public, Fantasy Land of Lights continues to grow each year. Be sure to visit so you can see what is new this year!

Fantasy Land of Lights takes the work of all of our members in the weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving and is manned by dedicated volunteers from here in Bartlesville.

Although there is no admission fee, a donation is accepted. Once the expenses are paid, money is set aside to purchase or repair displays and a budgeted amount goes into the Club’s Foundation to cover educational scholarships to students in the Washington County area.

Volunteer to Help

We welcome all groups or individuals willing to help! This is a great opportunity for local businesses to support the community.

For more information, go to FANTASYLAND OF LIGHTS.

Christmas lights at Fantasy Land of Lights in Bartlesville