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Why I am a Daybreak Rotarian?

For our members, it really varies.   Sometimes it is for the network of other people in the community for their business or non-profit.   For a few members, it is because a spouse is a member and has pulled them in (we have several couples in our club).   Sometimes, it is a friend that makes the invite.  For some, it is a great way to serve the community or to gain leadership skills.

Visitors to this club typically find us a friendly bunch, and we like to laugh.  We love visitors and are glad to have our parent club, The Bartlesville Rotary Club, members visit.  (NOON!)

We sing a patriotic song early in the meeting.  (And pick on our singers frequently to take their turn to lead singing.)

We love trivia and tease each other about our themes.  You put a $1 bill on the table to participate.  (This is from an early tradition of trying to guess stock and commodities prices!)  Trivia raises funds for operations, but $5 each week is set aside.  The "winner" of the trivia gets to pull a ball from a bag.  A blue ball means you get to name a charity to receive the accumulated $5 set aside.

We believe in the 4-Way Test and have added a favorite 5th...Is It Fun!?    Absolutely!