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Poverty Alleviation

Daybreak Rotary helps alleviate poverty by collecting and distributing food and volunteering at local missions. The Poverty Alleviation Committee was formed in 2003, and our club has worked with local agencies to help local people who can't afford basic needs.

Primary needs in Bartlesville are:

Once a month, we pass an envelope for contributions at meetings to purchase essential canned food items to three local agencies. These are the Salvation Army, Mary Martha Outreach and Concern. We regularly purchase over 1000 cans a month, and rotate the donations between recipient agencies. Since Oct 2003, Daybreak has collected over $10,500 and donated over 24,000 items.

Our club volunteers to cook on Saturdays six times a year at Agapé Mission, and respond to crises from time to time as requested when needs demand.

At Christmas time, we help the Salvation Army by picking up un-fulfilled 'Angels' on their Angel Tree and by collecting previously owned coats to clean and donate.

As a result of distributing 20 tons of MREs in Dec 2003 to local food agencies, we have managed to bring together not only local care agencies to the table, but also health, benefits and other care givers to cooperate in The Cornerstone Assistance Network. We meet regularly co-ordinating agencies to help individuals in need, and distribution of 'windfall' supplies of food, clothing, cleaning & healthcare products and other needs. This prevents duplication of services, while providing some accountability and proof of good stewardship of local resources. We feel this will help improve donations and credibilty.